It’s Raining Men Lavender!

We sell Lavender Confetti – It’s fun, traditional, organic and not harmful to birds or the environment.

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1 pound bulk bag $25 of Lavender Confetti

Variety of sachets and pillows in organza, linen, burlap, lace and pearls.

Great as (everlasting) wedding favours for guests.

DIY or ready-made: sachets, arrangements, wreaths, bundles & bouquets.

Everlasting Dried Lavender for your wedding party: bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, nosegays, ceremony & reception decor.

Great for destination weddings!

Dried Lavender’s 5 Best Kept Secrets

1. Thrives on neglect

2. Chemical free

3. Natural repellant for moths

4. Anti-caffeinate

5.  There are over 39 species and over 400 varieties

6. Scent can last up to five years (haha – we wrote six!)

25 Years Later…

After 25 years of selling, growing and teaching about lavender, From The Potting Shed finally traveled to Provence, France to visit the lavender fields in full bloom.

We attended courses at lavender farms and took a tour of L’Occitane, France’s largest producer of lavender products including oil, soaps, linen water…

At a heritage farm we watched lavender being processed in the old fashioned way. In a huge vat, lavender is stuffed and boiled similar to the process of maple syrup. You boil it for what seems like forever only to have a small percentage become precious lavender oil. Following separation, the remaining water becomes lavender linen spray (or lavender water – one of our fav’s!).

Throughout the year, at our Stone Cottage Studio, we teach classes (culinary, gardening and floral arts) and workshops (wreaths, arrangements, DIY wedding florals) with a lavender theme.